Children’s Business Fair Meeting Notes

Updated Notes (12/9/17)


  • Should the children bring cash for change?  Yes.  The amount is dependent on the amount and cost of the items being sold.
  • How many people are you expecting?  This is a really good question and a hard one to answer.  The event has been marketed as follows:
    • Bear Essentials News magazine
    • Bear Essentials News TV broadcast (it has aired several times) 
    • A story was published on
    • An ad was published on the Tucson Girls Chorus Winter Concert program this past weekend. 
    • An ad was published on AZ Bilingual News magazine
    • The event is listed on Tucson Weekly online, Google Business, Tucson Ingenuity Academy and Mis Manos Montessori School websites.
    • It has also been promoted on Facebook and Instagram
    • My guess is that parents have also shared the event with family and friends, if not you guys should.  :)
    • We also have A-frames/banners at shopping centers near the event location.
    • So, my best guess is that we will have several hundred people visit us and that most businesses will run out of product.  Just my guess.




Date: December 7th, 2019

  • Welcome everyone and thanks for coming!
  • Brief Introductions- State name, age and name of business along with description
    • Every business owner in attendance had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their businesses.
  • Facebook live
    • We will be doing Facebook live during the event and every business will get the opportunity to be interviewed
  • Discuss entrance to the Fair and donation of item for raffle.
    • Every business is being asked to donate one item.  The item will be used to promote all the businesses as people come into the fair.  The items will be raffled.
  • Discuss ways of payment
    • A couple of businesses indicated that they can accept credit cards.  For those that are not able to accept credit cards, we will be able to allow customers to get money at the fair.  We will give them “fake” money to spend and will exchange the “fake” money for real money with the businesses that take it.
  • Judging and categories/age range
    • We will have three judges at the business fair.  Awards will be presented in each of the two age groups (6-10, 11-16) for “Most Business Potential,” “Most Creative Idea,” and “Most Impressive Presentation.”  We will have local experts judging the children’s businesses.  Alma Gallardo (AZ Bilingual News), Mike Peel (Local First Arizona), and Paul Mendoza & Hector Treto (Vib’n) will join us to judge the event.  The age groups might change slightly once all businesses are confirmed.
  • Day of
    • Please have your booth setup complete by 10:30am.  Parents can help setup, but they can not be in the booth with children 10 years or older.  Parents can sit in the booth with children business owners 9 years or younger.  However, parents are not allowed to interact with the customers.  The business fair is to give children the opportunity to grow.  Parents will be able to wait/relax in the backyard. We will have games available for you.
  • Parking
    • We are asking parents to park at the nearby shopping center, which is only .4 miles away and a short 9 minute walk.  You can enter through the first gate to unload and then exit through the second gate.  These gates will be closed during the event.  Customers will enter through the third gate. 
  • Distribution of shirts
    • Each business will get at least one t-shirt.
  • Discuss tables and shades
    • Businesses need to bring their own shades (except the first five that signed up, they will be provided).  If you have your own table and chairs, please bring them.  We will provide tables and chairs for those that don’t have them.
  • Marketing
    • Businesses can do their own marketing.
  • Select location of booths
    • Those businesses that attended the meeting were able to select their booth location.  If you did not attend the meeting, we have assigned you a booth.

Booth Assignments:

Business Booth
Anthology GIfts 2
Art Forever 4
Awesome Artist 3
Bath Suds 5
Better me 22
Bonilla Cotton Candy Factory 12
Canyon Yum Lemonade  24
Cookie Bite Crew 15
Corbin's Coloring Cottage 7
Derek's world  6
Gellino's Crafts 19
Isaac's Creations 20
JaidaBug 23
Marissa's Epic Slime Shop 25
Mermaid bracelets/holiday crafts. 16
Mis Pastelitos 9
Nanis place 21
Neyney'sballoons  14
Portraits and Pastries  8
Pure + Simple bakes and cakes 13
Rista shack 18
Secret bags 17
The Animals Of Your Nightmares 11
Uniquely Yukiko 10
Veda's Cafe 1

Booth Layout